[development] Install profiles tutorial for Drupal 4.7, Friday 8AM PST

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sun Jun 11 17:44:11 UTC 2006

Op zondag 11 juni 2006 19:16, schreef Jenny Hsueh:
> be that the sympal solution or something else,  

I am not sure what  Bryght could offer ni this. They developed something too, 
But I remember it is closed still. (?) 
I also recall Vlado presenting some really cool apt-get alike dependency 
But maybe there are others? Can people who know about any comment here?

> Given drupal's flexibility which can suit many different uses, I think
> it is wise to focus our energy on building those infrastructures and to
> expose the APIs at different layers, as we will never be able to satisfy
> all "end-users" so providing the tools to enable the middle-tier, who
> are the larger drupal community other than the regular drupal
> contributors,  to build drupal value-added services/packages for the
> real end users seems a way to expand drupal adoptions .


But it seems I either misunderstood Civicspaces installer system when I looked 
and tested it, or that they did not take this approach? 

Can someone from CS explain how they envision to serve the middle tier? How we 
can use their install system in a musltisite hosting? Or wit some 3rd party 
installation and configuration script? 

[ End user Drupal services and hosting | Sympal.nl ]

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