[development] xhtml and embed tag: best way to compliance?

Karl Rudd karl.rudd at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 07:55:31 UTC 2006

I just spent the last few hours fixing my "fix" for the "Click to
activate..." thing with IE.

It turns out that the "flashvars" parameter, and many others, don't
survive the "rewrite" in the current fix.

Here's the new code:

var objects = document.getElementsByTagName( 'object' );
for ( var i = 0; i < objects.length; i++ ) {
  var obj = objects[ i ];
  var clone = obj .cloneNode( true );
  var parent = obj .parentNode;
  var sibling = obj .nextSibling;
  parent.removeChild( obj );
  parent.insertBefore( clone, sibling );
  clone.outerHTML = clone.outerHTML;

Not as "clean" as before but then again it's a fix for IE, so it's
almost to be expected.


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