Import/Export of CCK (was Re: [development] So, you like CCK?)

Mark Fredrickson mfredrickson at
Mon Jun 12 14:32:34 UTC 2006

> Much like views. It's a good idea. Actually, considering our recent  
> discussions about install profiles, exporting this in a format that  
> would be compatible with install profiles/installer would be great.

I've spent some time on that:

The difficulty is faking a form submission. All the saving/updating  
code is right in the _submit functions, so it is hard for modules to  
use CCK programmatically.

I've been debating factoring this out, but it is a large task. I  
haven't seen any love on my patch anyways, so I'm wondering if the  
effort is worth it, or if I should just wait for Jaza's generalized  
import/export API or FAPI 2.0 (which should make faking form  
submissions easier).

In penitence for my supporting the thread hijaking, I promise to  
review the original patch.


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