[development] Test automation

Gary Feldman dpal_gaf_devel at marsdome.com
Fri Jun 16 14:09:27 UTC 2006

Rok Žlender wrote:
> Hello
> I am working on unit test automation for this year Summer of Code.
If I'm understanding you correctly, then strictly speaking this is not 
unit testing.  Unit testing is done in isolation, so that you wouldn't 
need a web server nor the rest of Drupal, just the module in question.  
Checkout the PhpUnit project at http://phpunit.sourceforge.net/ for a 
PHP unit testing framework.

This doesn't mean I think your proposal is bad, it's just that QA is 
often about details, and accurately describing the type of testing is 
one of the more important details.

It also doesn't mean I'm taking a position on using PhpUnit or doing 
true unit testing.  I always encourage unit testing for traditional 
development languages, but I haven't done any in PHP, so I don't know 
what the pitfalls may be, if any.


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