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Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Fri Jun 16 15:39:38 UTC 2006

On 16-Jun-06, at 8:23 AM, Chris Johnson wrote:

> I'm involved with bunch of Drupal sites which generate a lot of new  
> collaborative content nearly every day.  While they are using  
> tracker.module to present a page of recent nodes, the amount of  
> data is still overwhelming to get through.  Sounds like a perfect  
> use for a good RSS reader, right?
> The problem is, none of the content is viewable without being an  
> authenticated user.  RSS readers, like Thunderbird (the greatest  
> unknown RSS reader :-), don't know how to log into Drupal to  
> download the feeds.
> Is this something that can be solved by modifying Drupal's feeds to  
> conform to a standard authentication method for RSS?  I can  
> certainly do the work, but am looking for collective knowledge and  
> advice to get me up the learning curve faster and avoid building  
> something that only works for me and my audience. I'd like to solve  
> it generically, if possible.

The "standard auth" method is to use the network layer.

The newest version of securesite does this, Chris -- using Basic  
Auth. Check out the groups.drupal.org site for an example -- it  
allows you access to all "your" feeds by having your aggregator login.

Securesite has some additional issues and needs full testing on a  
variety of aggregators, and can use a bunch of backporting (I  
think...I forget if Adrian just fixed 4.7 or if it was trivial to do  
4.6 as well).

It's the reason I reverse bountied it in the first place....

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