[development] Staging content to production

Barry Jaspan barry at jaspan.org
Sat Jun 17 18:12:38 UTC 2006

"Scott Reynolds" <sdrreynolds at gmail.com> writes:
 > ok...but what happens when  your user base excedes 1000.

When you had 1,500 users, their uids would range from 1,001 to 
2,501.  Not an issue.

Larry Garfield <larry at garfieldtech.com> writes:
 > The problem is that I may not know in advance how many I'll need.  That's
 > especially true with a site where users can supply content arbitrarily,
 > such as anything with a forum.

You're making the same mistake.  User-contributed content would start 
at 1,001 and go up.  You won't run out of space.

As I understand Dave's approach, no normal content or users go in the 
id<1000 space.  Only "configuration" 
users/nodes/blocks/vocabularies/terms go there, things that are 
created and maintained by the site developer.  If you are 
pre-creating nodes for every item in a library or a voc term for 
every word in the dictionary, then reserve 1,000,000 ids instead of 
1,000.  Otherwise, what site will ever run out of room?


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