[development] Video module getting ready for 4.7 release: need help debugging

Fabio Varesano fabio.varesano at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 16:30:02 UTC 2006

Hi everybody,

I just uploaded to cvs a new version of the video module which adds
long time needed and requested features to the module.

The new code is still not mature and I'd like you guys to give a
try to the new video module and reports your bug at

If you have time please install the module on a test site
and give it a try...

Instead please point your browser to:

There is a drupal install with the new video module.
I ask you to play the video there and reports problems.

It's quite difficult to try the video embed stuff with all kind of
browsers / players plug-in / platforms ... this is why I need that lot
of people with different setups try to play videos.

Ok.. hope to hear something from you soon.


Following there is a list of last added features:

Video.module file was too big and complex.
I isolated each different feature which was not
excencial and removed from the video.module file.
Those features are now added by helper modules
called plugins under the directory "plugins".

The download has been separed from multidownload.
There is now a separated plugin called video_multidownload
which add multidownload feature.

There are also some hooks being defined.
See file hooks.php for details.

XHTML Compliace:
I worked hard to remove unvalid code from video module.
Now the code generated by the module validates on W3C validator.
This will probæbly generate some problems with uncommon browsers
we will try to solve them as soon as reported.

Thanks a lot to Karl Rudd who point me to the right direction
towards compliace.

There is plugin called video_image.module which add thumbnails
support for the video module. Thumbnails are uploaded throught the
video creation form and a image node is created with it.

Video file Uploads:
There is a plugin called video_upload.module which add a file
upload field to the node creation form. The uploaded file is
automatically set as path of the video. Then usable for plays/downloads.

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