[development] Any drupal experts? -- Passing CCK reference to another CCK object as an argument

Srimal Jayawardena srimalj at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 06:08:10 UTC 2006


Would anyone know how to pass the reference of one CCK object to another CCK
object during object creation as an argument?
(cck = content creation kit)

If i have two cck content types A and B with the following fields.

A ( aid, some field)
B (bid, aid, somefiled)

so that every B is related to an A.

When creating a new B object, how can I a pass the reference of an existing
A object (ie an 'aid') via an argument (through the URL)? [ this should
happen without the user having to enter it manuall -- i.e when the user
clicks  a particular URL  a chosen aid shuold be passed ]

Tnx in advance

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