[development] half sharing table in multisite

Mark Janssen mark.drupal.devel at praseodym.net
Fri Jun 23 09:17:39 UTC 2006

Please note that settings.php has the ability to do variable  
overrides, where you can specify thins like a theme and other variables.


* Variable overrides:
* To override specific entries in the 'variable' table for this site,
* set them here. You usually don't need to use this feature. This is
* useful in a configuration file for a vhost or directory, rather than
* the default settings.php. Any configuration setting from the  
* table can be given a new value.
//$conf = array(
//  'site_name' => 'My Drupal site',
//  'theme_default' => 'pushbutton',
//  'anonymous' => 'Visitor'

On 23 Jun 2006, at 12:02, Robert Douglass wrote:

> You could also look at the systems table bit as a feature since you  
> can change your mind about the sites being identical later and use  
> different/customized modules with individual sites.
> sime wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm doing a multi-site install with 5 or 6 sites. These sites will  
>> be sharing every table except some obvious candidates like  
>> "system", "variable" and "cache".
>> I'm really looking for long-term maintainability, minimal patches,  
>> and so on. But I've yet to decide the best way manage data in the  
>> system and variable tables that is always going to be the same.  
>> For example, the system table will be duplicated because I want to  
>> have different themes installed and activated, however all of the  
>> installed modules are going to be exactly the same, and I will  
>> unfortunately be duplicating this other data. The same might goes  
>> for some variables.
>> I guess the manual way to manage this is, everytime I add/change a  
>> module setting, go into each installation and repeat the process  
>> so that all sites have the same configuration. Alternatively maybe  
>> I can set up a cron job to ensure that data cascades from a  
>> "master" installation to the other ones.
>> Any pointers/advice/warnings are appreciated. Especially book  
>> pages that I might have overlooked in my quest.
>> Thanks & Regards
>> Simon

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