[development] About time to post my SoC project

Scott Reynolds sdrreynolds at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 19:09:25 UTC 2006


I am designing the Content Recommendation Engine based on Jeff Eaton's
Votingapi. It utilizes the Slope One alogrithm authored by Daniel Lemire at
the Univeristy of Quebec. He is also a member of the Drupal community.

The engine itself is a sortof api. It provides two basic functions cre_top()
and cre_similar(). cre_top() return the top n objects of a spefic type. So
for instance, in my node_recommendation module that utilizes these
functions, cre_top() returns the top N nodes. cre_similar() returns items
that are similar to the specified object. So in node_recommendation this is
used to show similar nodes to the one a user is currently visiting (note:
this is non-personalized, where as cre_top() is).

Current code is in my sandbox, but it shall be moving to contrib/modules/cre
and contrib/modules/node_recommendation soon.

Currently, I am working on adding views intergration. And I am creating a
way for the module to be installed via cron for large votingapi datasets
(and if i should do that). It takes awhile to install with large vote sets.
Once installed, speed is not a problem.

For much more information,

Comments sugguestions not fit for this list send me an email:
sdrreynolds at gmail.com

~Scott Reynolds
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