[development] email when admin approves account: can it get into 4.7?

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Thu Mar 2 11:17:20 UTC 2006

1 sentance summary: when drupal is configured to require admin
approval for user, it should only email the temporary password once
the admin has moved the account from blocked to active.


(you can tell from the node id this issue has been around a long time)
;) this is a *major* usability feature for site admins... i'd consider
it a "critical" issue, but i don't know if anyone else feels that way.

i've got a patch working for this in 4.6 (which is obviously frozen),
since that's what i'm using and many other folks want it.  if i made
time to update the patch to work in 4.7 is there any chance that would
make it into 4.7 before the freeze (it's in core -- user.module)?  if
so, i'll bump this to the top of my drupal-hackery list and get it
done ASAP.  if it's not going to get into 4.7 no matter how fast i do
it, i'll work on fixing it in 4.8...


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