[development] Re: development Digest, Vol 39, Issue 5

David K Norman deekayen at deekayen.net
Thu Mar 2 17:09:16 UTC 2006

For admin approving account: http://drupal.org/node/37353#comment-56461

I'm modifying and testing the attachment and I'll commit it to CVS today
as contrib module user_status for 4.6. I won't have time to roll it for
4.7, but there sure seems to be enough interest for someone to pick up
that FAPI conversion.

development-request at drupal.org wrote:
> Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 07:10:49 -0500
> Subject: Re: [development] email when admin approves account: can it
> 	get into	4.7?
> I suspect that it won't - we're working on critical bugfixes
> ONLY at the moment, and this is neither a bugfix, nor critical.

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