[development] Image Support in the upcoming drupal release

Drupalista drupal at web.de
Thu Mar 2 22:07:57 UTC 2006


>I've modified the img_assist module to work with the gallery module to
>allow users to easily pick images from an embedded gallery. I know it

that´s what I mean - so there are two more new image modules? 

Why don´t you get together and produce ONE killer-img-module? Why are
there 10 different modules for image uploading and handling? 

Make ONE. Only ONE that works, please. 

>Proud member of the KEXP cubicle army.

Sorry, are you using your image module on this site? 

It is a good example for a gallery that is missing the most important
part: there are no big versions for the image! At least I can not see
them - so what´s the point in a gallery of thumbnails???

Thanks for your attention!


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