[development] Re-Thinking Events in Drupal (and time zones too)

Rob Thorne rob at torenware.com
Mon Mar 6 19:02:03 UTC 2006

I looked at the code in event_timezones.inc.

It's not a bad solution. The key thing it gets right is checking the 
timestamp to determine if for *that* region at *that* date and time, the 
date should display as DST or not. That's huge.

The main problem with the code has to do with maintaining it, since 
going from the updated Olson tables to the format in the file is hard, 
although you don't have to do the fix very often.

Updating the lookup tables can be completely automated, which is nice.

The most important thing, though, is what you're pointing out: however 
we do this stuff, it needs to get into core.


Rob Thorne wrote:
> Chad Phillips -- Apartment Lines wrote:
>> >>The solution for us, I think, is to turn these binary lookup tables 
>> into PHP objects with the same information.
>> isn't this pretty much what event_timezones.inc in the event module 
>> does already? i've done some lobbying to get that approach into core 
>> , but to no avail...
> Chad,
> I'll take a look at it.
> Rob

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