[development] Contributions cvs checkout broken on OS X 10.3

Rowan Kerr rowan at stasis.org
Wed Mar 8 01:30:13 UTC 2006

contributions/modules/betterupload has a lowercase 'cvs' directory in 
it, as well as the standard uppercase 'CVS' directory.

OS X hates this because it is only case-preserving, not case-sensitive 
and sees the two directories as being the same. Consequently, it is 
impossible to checkout the contributions repository at least with the 
version of cvs that comes with the Mac OS 10.3 development tools. (CVS 

The Error...
cvs checkout: in directory contributions/modules/betterupload/cvs:
cvs checkout: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or 
cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot write <CVS/Template file>: No such file 
or directory

Can anyone fix this?
Or do I just have to update to a newer OS...


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