[development] How about changing localization to language? Or ...

Fehér János feher.janos at mindworks.hu
Wed Mar 8 07:16:08 UTC 2006


2006.  március 07, kedd 14.54 dátummal Munzir Taha ezt írta:
> > --- Locale settings ---
> >    Time zone:

...currency and it's conversions. These should "hookable" /
extendable by the modules. Like currency, GPS choords,
states and counties, list of nearest sex shops... :)

> > IMHO it is simpler for the users... maybe not for the developers  :)

I think dev guys needs only a technique to connect their
modules into the "global" location specific subsystem. You can't
list them all, and why would you do it? It would be nice to see
a l10 subsystem where the contrib modules are able to make changes
on each other via the existing hook system.


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