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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Mar 8 19:20:57 UTC 2006

Op woensdag 8 maart 2006 16:17, schreef Adrian Rossouw:
> What I would like to see us do, is remove all html from module files  
> and move them
> into tpl.php files.
> while we are doing this, we completely refactor all the html, and  
> make sure all the tags
> we generate are  there because we need them.

AKA brickslate[1]. Everything is a brick. A page is built up from bricks:

 [] = a brick, [ can be a <div>, <p> or <ul> or any other thing. ] is the 
corresponding </div>, </p> or </ul> or else. 

[My Title] 
[Submitted By]
yadyyadyya yadyyadyya]]
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Is a simple node: build from bottom up, then glued together to make new 
bricks. These bricks are glued together to make more bricks and those are 
glued together ..... etc.... and those are glued together to make the 
SupahBrick: the page.

The three big parts are still:
 * How to minimize HTML for bricks (some want IDS and classes and subclasses, 
others nothing but a simple <p>) 
 * How to differ inline (span), blocks (divs) for general wrappers.
 * How to define what XHTML element is used best, for non general 
wrappers/bricks: uls, ps, div, etc.
This is where I am right now, about.

[1] More http://www.webschuur.com/node/479
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