[development] Module grouping or dependencies for 4.7.0?

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Sat Mar 11 17:09:10 UTC 2006

since my last request for new functionality in 4.7.0 went over so
well, i thought i'd try again. ;) (just kidding).

seriously, this is a pain in the ass for CCK usability:


all of CCK's field types are implemented as separate modules.  they
currently have names like "text.module" or "date.module", etc.
however, that means they show up all over the place in the
admin/modules page, which makes it hard for admins to enable all the
required modules for CCK.  apparently, there are a couple of possible

"Simple dependency system"
this one has a patch by chx waiting to be committed.

"Module Grouping by Folder in Admin/Modules"
this is just in the "it'd-be-nice-if..." phase, so there's basically
no hope for this one in 4.7.x.

if neither of these issues gets fixed for 4.7, CCK is going to have to
rename all its files (and therefore function names), to avoid user
confusion, and make CCK easier to administer and use.  people have
mentioned a few other modules (ecommerce, etc) where this is a

i'd love to avoid the pain of renaming things in cvs (no one say "svn"
or "bzr", or i'll scream), but we're going to have to do that before
4.7.0 really goes live if neither of these issues (or something very
similar) get fixed for 4.7.0.

should i give up hope and start working on renaming the CCK field
modules to "cck_field_text", "cck_field_date", etc (or something)?  i
don't want to spend time writing a patch for core to group modules
from the same subdirectory together on the admin/modules page, if
there's no chance it would get committed in time for 4.7.0.  please
let me know.


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