[development] Re: [support] Drupal 4.6.6/4.5.8 security releases

Alex Markley alex at malexmedia.net
Tue Mar 14 04:11:57 UTC 2006

Hey all. I've noticed some negative noise on the list here, and I 
thought I'd mention that the upgrade to 4.6.6 went smooth as silk for me.


I've got a bajillion custom modules and things, and the only thing that 
broke was (unsurprisingly) my custom patches to node.module, which were 
merged in very easily.

All in all, I maybe spent 30 minutes, and I feel very safe knowing that 
my Drupal remains secure. :-D

Thanks for your hard work!

Alex (Malex) Markley
	"Son, you come down from there right this minute! You're too little to 
play with wild animals!"

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