[development] of concern to core? (was Re: Module grouping or dependencies for 4.7.0?)

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Tue Mar 14 11:08:28 UTC 2006

On Sat, 11 Mar 2006 19:05:11 +0100  Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:

> Please stop that. We focus on getting 4.7 out of the door.

sorry, i'm done.  this is the first release cycle i've been a drupal
community member for, so i'm learning as it unfolds.  apologies to
everyone for that...

> Which is of no concern to core.

my confusion stemed from the fact that there seem to be 3 kinds of
drupal modules:

1) things actually in core

2) modules that are nearly as important as core (for example,
   project.module -- there were numerous emails on this list about
   critical bugs in project holding up the 4.7 release, etc) 

3) everything else

i was under the mistaken impression that CCK was supposed to be a
major part of the new 4.7 functionality, and therefore, that it
belonged in group #2 -- that it was "of concern to core".  i didn't
ask about this feature to be a pain in anyone's ass, but because i
thought that if this list was going to hunker down and throw itself at
project.module's issue queue, CCK was a similarly important module,
and that a small, last-minute feature could be added to ease CCK's 4.7
lifespan.  a few developers that seem to be well-respected around here
were working on the patch (which would have benefitted some other
modules, too), so i thought i was being helpful by drawing attention
to the issue.  the obvious flaw in my logic is that CCK is not
considered that important.  now i know. ;) i didn't mean any harm, and
i'm sorry i generated any heat over this.

is project.module just a special case because it's in use on
drupal.org?  are there any other modules that belong in the
nearly-as-important-as-core category?  that info would help me (and
probably others on this list) know where to focus energy for the rest
of the time until 4.7.0 RC is out.


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