[development] of concern to core? (was Re: Module grouping or dependencies for 4.7.0?)

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Tue Mar 14 14:27:07 UTC 2006

Derek Wright wrote:

>my confusion stemed from the fact that there seem to be 3 kinds of
>drupal modules:
>1) things actually in core
>2) modules that are nearly as important as core (for example,
>   project.module -- there were numerous emails on this list about
>   critical bugs in project holding up the 4.7 release, etc) 

This is only true because not having project module up to date will make 
it impossible to update drupal.org which in turn will not allow us to 
test the current Drupal code base there.

>is project.module just a special case because it's in use on


>  are there any other modules that belong in the
>nearly-as-important-as-core category? 

cvs.module, list.module, simplenews.module.

> that info would help me (and
>probably others on this list) know where to focus energy for the rest
>of the time until 4.7.0 RC is out.

You can look at the issue queues for the modules mentioned above and / 
or core. There are a lot of pending bug related patches which need to be 
looked at and tested.


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