[development] Looking for a place to start

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Mar 15 20:53:36 UTC 2006

Op woensdag 15 maart 2006 20:39, schreef Carl Parrish:
> Okay I've been over the coding Standards etc.... and Have create a few
> patches to some modules so now I think I can help. Is there a list of
> common modules that still need to be ported to 4.7? (I'm installing 4.7
> from cvs right now). I'd like to get my feet wet and I figure porting a
> mod will teach me a lot about the framework etc...

I suggest you hunt for really simple modules. Modules that advertise with 
"simple" "small" or "silly" are very nice starters.

Most often these modules deploy only one API, like creating a simple content 
type, or adding a field to the user object.

I also advice people to check out CCK and views, because if you choose to 
deploy these two, you will find that nearly half of the contributions are 
really no longer needed. (and half of core too, btw). 

So it depends a bit on what you want:
 * Learn Drupal: then get involved in small and easy modules. 
 * Use Drupal: then try cck and views: and build, or rebuild modules to use 
their APIs.


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