[development] Setting up test environment

Carl Parrish lists at pcl-consulting.com
Wed Mar 15 23:05:29 UTC 2006

Okay I want to set up a place to test all my servers on 4.7. so I 
grabbed the latest from HEAD, copied my databases (ie if the db was 
example, I now also have one called example4_7). Then I created a  
Virtual Host  called test.example.com , that is set to read the code 
from HEAD. Now here's where I'm not so sure. Should I now go with an 
upgrade? (http://test.example.org/update.php) or should I act as if its 
a new install (I guess technically it is) Since I want to use all the 
data from my old install I'm leaning torward, I should be doing an 
update but I'm concerned that I have modules set up that aren't ready 
for 4.7 yet.  so advise....?

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