[development] OT: E-Commerce Mailing list Announcement

Gordon Heydon gordon at heydon.com.au
Fri Mar 17 03:59:40 UTC 2006


Since E-Commerce is such a big module(s) and has a lot of functionality
that really needs a more fluid way of collaborating on ideas and
speeding up development.

I started discussing this with Dries, but because of time constraints
such as Dries getting married, and taking time off to spend time with
his new bride this was put into the low priority pile, and we didn't get
this completed.

So in an interim step, I have created an E-Commerce mailing list from my
domain which will allow E-Commerce to move forward hopefully in leaps
and bounds.

Once Dries gets back from his well deserved break, I will take up the
discussion on moving the list to drupal.org where it will gain even more
benefit from being under the drupal.org umbrella.

in the mean time you can go to 


which will allow you to subscribe to this list, and we can get down the
the work of getting the best possible E-Commerce out.


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