[development] project module idea

Ian Ward ian at developmentseed.org
Fri Mar 17 17:55:25 UTC 2006

Related to enhancements to the project module - I think it would be nice 
if there was a field where you could enter the url to the nid of an 
original issue when you are marking a duplicate issue in the project 
module as 'duplicate' and then the original issue link is themed onto 
the issue report node.  The ajax selector that Ber created in the 
clipper.module for finding a node by title (and then add a filter on 
there so only project node titles show up and also the option to write 
in the nid instead of title) could help this work. 

Adrian Rossouw wrote:
> Isn't the select project list a good example of a drop down that can 
> be replaced by an
> ajax autocomplete textfield ?

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