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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sat Mar 18 11:10:22 UTC 2006

Op vrijdag 17 maart 2006 11:35, schreef Adrian Simmons:
> Without AJAX and JS the module works, with them it has *enhanced*
> functionality/usability etc.
> The key is that JS is used to enhance normal functionality, not replace it.

*This* is tha attitude! :)

AJAX is *not* there to be cool and nice, and in case of missing support, you 
build something less nice.

No: you have something nice. And with some AJAX you add extra niceness.

It requires developers to thing the right way around too: 
 * buid something that works, and is full functional, with ordinary HTML and 
 * On top of that you add CSS
 * On top of that JS to alter the DOM. (the J from AJAX)
   * Make sure you do negative checks, to avoid broken support: not
	if (in(unsupported.browsers) ) doNothing else doTheStuff; but
	if (in(fully.supported.browsers) ) doTheStuff else doNothing
 * On top of that you add asynchronous communication (the A and the X from 

AJAX is then the icing. not the cake. that is the correct attitude IMO.

If one does not follow this attitude, you end up with the same crap we saw 
four-or-five years ago, DHTML document.write("sorry your browser is not 
supported, please visit microsoft.com for the latest browser, its free")

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