[development] Multilingual Drupal working group

Jose A. Reyero jareyero at wanadoo.es
Sat Mar 18 19:28:42 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Following Boris' suggestion in the latest thread about Drupal + i18n in
this mailing list, I think we need some kind of working group to focus
on this task. For which I'd like to appoint the same people he does +
... anyone else interested?

Boris Mann wrote:
I  agree that no hacks/patches should be the main goal for clean multi-
lingual solutions. Actually, a dedicated multi-lingual support team  is
probably a good idea -- Jose, Ber, Ben, Mike Gifford, Khalid, 
Development Seed off the top of my head, with Jose with my nomination 
for lead (he's been living the pain since something like 4.5) -- What 
do you guys need in terms of support from Drupal.org in order to move 

I think we could start by preparing a nice DEP - Which I am already
doing- , and then, after discussing about the architecture, modules,
etc, be ready to start producing code as soon as Drupal 4.7 is out and
the development is open again.

Then we'd need some repository in which we could branch the code and
work together so we can later merge all the changes back into Drupal, a
test site, and some communications channel -forum, mailing list, plain
email?- to coordinate.

So, for the next days I'll be picking ideas from all the posts that have
been written about the issue, and then I'll be posting some DEP draft...

Best regards,


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