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Eric Gundersen egundersen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 17:47:23 UTC 2006

> I think we could start by preparing a nice DEP - Which I am already
> doing- , and then, after discussing about the architecture, modules,
> etc, be ready to start producing code as soon as Drupal 4.7 is out and
> the development is open again.

Thank you for getting this going again.  You can count Development Seed in.
I would also love to have Robert Douglas and Gerhard input in this process
if they have time.

Once we have a DEP that addresses the most pressing needs we would like to
help fund your programming time to turn these plans into code.

I know these processes can some times take a while and while we need to
thoroughly flush out the needs and ideas of all interested parties I would
love to set a rough time line so at a certain point we stop talking and
start coding.

So to get that started how can we merge your ideas that you have here:
http://www.developmentseed.org/blog/internationalization/drupal4-7 with
Ber's ideas here http://www.webschuur.com/node/525 and create a priority

Can we make a base list and start adding to it and then when we are done use
it as our speck to start coding? Maybe with the first items given the
greatest priorities and the later items more as wish list functionality that
we will eventually get to?

What does everyone think?

Eric Gundersen
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