[development] Forms API: Multipart Forms and Documentation

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Tue Mar 21 18:54:12 UTC 2006

After months of work between hunmonk, myself, and chx, we've finalized 
some substantial progress on multipart forms. A multipart form is a form 
that is spread across multiple pages (like a wizard), but doesn't truly 
"submit" until the final page.

There are still some hiccups here and there, largely due to checkboxes 
and multi-selects, but we're at a decent enough place to show off some 
working code and let it alone for Drupal 4.7.

You must be running Drupal 4.7b6 or higher to use this stuff.

Documentation (by Morbus):

Fully working multipart_form_example.module (by hunmonk):

Sweet, sweet, loving (by chx):

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