[development] blocks by role in 4.7.0? RTBC?

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Sat Mar 25 19:19:51 UTC 2006

the only reasons i have any hope at all for this are:

1) dries wanted this feature in 6.7

2) on IRC about a week ago:

dww: am i correct in assuming that no usability features will be
     added before the 4.7.0 RC?
killes: dww: usability is always possible.

i maintain this is a critical usability feature for drupal.

i thoroughly understand what everyone's saying in their arguments for
delay, and they're all valid points.  i still believe the time lost on
hardening this feature will more than be paid back in reduced support
effort.  given that the RC itself isn't *yet* RTBReleased (2 of the 4
remaining critical bugs are currently in "needs work", and 1 is only
"active"), i think hardening/testing of this feature can happen in
parallel with everything else going on to get the RC out...

chris's proposal for an ultra-short 6.8.0 that basically only includes
all the RTBC features that are currently on hold is a reasonable
compromise, though i'm sure that'll (somewhat) upset drumm, all the
CCK-in-core advocates, etc.  i can see both sides of this question.
e.g. i'd also like to see more CCK-goodness, i'm working on all this
event-related improvement stuff (http://drupal.org/node/52884), so i
wouldn't mind more time in 4.8 development to get all that done (or at
least big chunks of it).  but, i'd also like to see more existing
functionality available in a public release, so i'd be happy either

i think i've said all i have to usefully offer to this decision.


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