[development] user deletion

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Sun Mar 26 18:49:44 UTC 2006

Walt Daniels wrote:

>This seems to make everything deleted to belong to anonymous. At that point


>they are all indistinguishable, i.e. you can't tell which ones were spammers
>and really should disapear entirely. So a very aggressive delete spammers
>should be done first. Someone needs to write the delete spammer module as a
>prerequisite to applying this patch. 

No, I won't wait for that.

If you want to keep the content association, you can simple block a 
user. This way no data will be removed or changed (other than the user 
account status). Karoly also tells me that he can use forms API to 
completely remove the "delete user" option.


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