[development] user deletion

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Mon Mar 27 19:06:53 UTC 2006

John Handelaar wrote:

> Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
>> The discussions did arise from the fact whether we should keep the 
>> content or not.
> I think it's absolutely obvious that the content must
> remain.

This is how it is now.

> However, if you're going to assign all deleted content
> to one account, can it please not be Anonymous User?

Too late.

> I'd suggest 'deleted user' but actually just making the
> reassignment target user-selectable would be by far
> the most useful implementation.
> If I'm deleting someone, I could then
> a)  Make an account called 'Deleted Troll Idiot' and
>     move content to it, or
> b)  In my intranet, delete a departing staff member and
>     reassign all her material to her successor, or
> c)  Fill in your own value for c) here.

I think you can do that through a contrib module, at least you can make 
sure that the content is assigned to another user but Anonymous, simply 
make sure you hook gets called first.


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