[development] can anyone reproduce the bug previewing issue followups?

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Thu Mar 30 11:26:57 UTC 2006

many of you are probably aware that the version of project.module
running on drupal.org seems to be fubar regarding previewing issue
followups.  if you post a new issue, you can preview just fine.
however, if you try to followup to an existing issue, the preview
button doesn't do anything, it just returns you to the same form but
without displaying any preview text.  for more info, see:


killes recently moved this from drupal.org maintainance -> project's
issue queue, assuming this is a bug in project itself.

however, i can't reproduce this problem *at all* on a couple of test
sites running the latest cvs. :( i don't want to just get in a pushing
match with killes, moving the issue back and forth. ;) but unless
someone can reproduce the problem somewhere other than drupal.org, i
think this should be moved back to drupal.org maintainance, and
someone should try to figure out what's different about the
environment @ drupal.org that could be causing this.

so, pretty please, can a few of you try this out on a cvs test site:
- enable project.module
- create a taxonomy term for projects (btw, it's too bad project
  *requires* a taxonomy now) 
- create a project, and enable the issue tracker for it
- post an issue
- follow-up to the issue, and try to preview

then, reply to http://drupal.org/node/29105 and report your findings.
for now, i'm moving this issue back to drupal.org maintainance, but if
someone finds they can reproduce this, please feel free to move it
again (so long as you post details about your environment so others
can try to reproduce it, too).

-derek (dww)

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