[bayes][heur][bcc][faked-from] Re: [development] 404 handling

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Thu Mar 30 22:28:22 UTC 2006

"Mark Fredrickson" wrote:

> I've been working a combo module/theme that serves dynamic CSS (ie.
> http://www.example.com/my/menu/path/dynamic.css). I might prefer to have
> errors show up in the Drupal logs.
> But this is not a hard requirement for me.

What's wrong with just using some PHP (a snippet, I think Drupal folks call
it) to create your dynamic stylesheet?

There are two methods to do this, for any PHP-driven site/page.

Pass PHP variable values to:

a. an in-page (<style...></style>) declaration.

b. an external PHP file that you read as a CSS mime type.

I use both methods, and have a "color style changer" that can demonstrate
either method.  Let me know and I'll post it somewhere or I'll send off

I prefer the in-page method for page- or directory-specific styles, because
local page styles always override imported or linked CSS styles, in the
cascade, that is.

I also may have mis-understood what it is you're doing!  :)

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