5.0 and or 4.8 (was Re: [development] Drupal x.x.0 freeze date)

sime info at urbits.com
Mon May 1 15:19:40 UTC 2006

Jenny Hsueh wrote:

> Dries Buytaert wrote:
>> I'm very sceptic about roadmaps and long-term planning in the 
>> context  of Drupal development.  A roadmap is vaporware and creates 
>> pressure.
> ... A roadmap is not about time boxing what is going to be developed 
> when, but a shared common vision of the community how to get from 
> point A to point B -- i.e.  to understand the target and to understand 
> the inter-dependencies.  ...
What is a "shared common vision"? Esoteric wisdom will say it's an illusion.

In my experience so far, a roadmap is not appropriate for an open-source 
community of this calibre. They can be hard to agree on ("we need a 
vote"), can be stifling ("I'm stuck with this task I don't want"), can 
create tension ("drupal sucks, look the roadmap you promised"), use up 
valuable resources ("we have to re-think the roadmap because of ....").


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