[development] Restructure Core Module Support [ was: Time to remove poll module from core]

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Mon May 1 19:40:36 UTC 2006

> =>  Core should be core required files and code only.  For 
> the rest of this 
> posting, I will call these the "framework files" or just 
> "framework," but the 
> name is mostly not important to me.  It's just for clarity.
> =>  There should be a group of the most useful, best coded 
> modules which are 
> maintained and supported like the core itself.  For the rest 
> of this posting, 
> I will call these the "core modules"

This is something that I've suggested before -- some things, like
node.module and so on, are obviously always going to be a part of the
"framework files". This meshes very well, IMO, with Robert's vision of
'targeted distributions.'

I think providing the current mix of Drupal core modules as a 'Classic
Drupal' distro, or something like that, would be a fine way to let
people keep on going as they have been. Those who want something else
can get framework + a distro, or framework + a custom mix of modules and
themes, etc.


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