[development] Drupal Test Suite

Nimish Pachapurkar npac at spikesource.com
Wed May 3 00:21:00 UTC 2006

Hello All,

Sorry for disappearing for a couple of days. I was out of office.

For the lack of a better idea, I have created an issue task at 
Drupal.org and attached the test suite tarball to it. The tarball is 
only about 78 KB, so I hope this approach is not too wild.


Please take a look and try out if needed.


I agree with your point about TestGen4Web test generation. I wrote the 
SimpleTest generator for TestGen4Web and in my experience, there is some 
manual tweaking of the test code still needed to make it pretty and 
tidy. There are some constraints to make it all automated - some of them 
because the way SimpleTest differs from tools like HttpUnit.

Anyway, about your 3rd point, that is already supported. When recording 
test cases with TestGen4Web, you can select any text on the page, right 
click and add an assertion. This will then be converted to assertText() 
call during SimpleTest test cases generation.


Thomas Ilsche wrote:
> Hello Nimish,
> thanks for your input. I am really interested in this testsuite.
> I have tried TestGen4Web myself and it looks promising. However I
> think there are still alot of additional tasks to do with the
> autogenerated test.
> For example a simple registration test looks like:
>    $this->get("http://localhost/projekte/drupal_head/");
>    $this->assertTitle("drupal");
>    $this->clickLink("Create new account");
>    $this->assertTitle("user account | drupal");
>    $this->setFieldById("edit-name", "testacc1");
>    $this->setFieldById("edit-mail", "testacc1 at example.com");
>    $this->click("Create new account");
>    $this->assertTitle("drupal");
> - The get url has to be replaced by url() usage to work also on
>   different setups
> - The edit fields should be replaced by random names.
> - clickLink should be wrapped by t(), this might be done by
>   DrupalTestCase
> - Imho there should be more assertations, especially for wanted
>   Drupal messages (account created) and unwanted ones (access denied)
> - Some generated assertations will be based on setup, e.g. sitename.
> How much manual work have you done with the autogenerated tests?

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