5.0 and or 4.8 (was Re: [development] Drupal x.x.0 freeze date)

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed May 3 01:38:55 UTC 2006


Gunnar Langemark
"the thing is - Drupal is now so HUGE, that I could spend 3-4 hours
a day just to keep updated with all that happens."

Chris Johnson
"Some people have busier lives than others and can't spend all day
hanging out in IRC and reading innumerable mailing lists and forums."

Khalid Baheyeldin
"I cannot say more than what has been said. I used to be able to keep
up with the forums and the mailing list. Now there is the mailing list,
IRC, forums, groups, podcasts,  videocasts, conferences...etc. Boris
and others  have been pushing for RSS as a way to keep up with things.
Some still prefer the push style of email."

In short, keeping up with all that is happening in Drupalia is a challenge.
The project has grown and grown, and this is changing the dynamics
of the community.

That should be a separate discussion ...

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