[development] Time to remove poll module from core

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Wed May 3 17:49:05 UTC 2006

On May 3, 2006, at 10:04 AM, Jonathan Chaffer wrote:

> You're talking about... dare I say it... a poll field type! Anyone who 
> wants to attempt building such a beast for CCK is very welcome to. I 
> will happily provide guidance.

i'm torn about this:

+ you can actually have a *body* that describes the poll, or any other 
fields that make sense for the node you want displayed.  i find it very 
weird that polls don't currently have a body, and if you want any text 
associated with them (other than the title/question), you have to 
enable comments and use those.

- if it's just a field, it's harder (i think) to have tabs on the node 
page for doing interesting things with the poll.  for example, polls 
currently allow you to view the poll (if you haven't voted) and the 
results as separate tabs.  my patch in http://drupal.org/node/51561 
adds yet another tab (for people w/ the right permission) to view the 
actual votes (by username or IP/host for anonymous).  i'm not sure 
if/how CCK field types handle this sort of thing... if a field can 
register tabs when viewing the container node.

if CCK fields can manage tabs for their container node, i'm all for 
this approach.

-derek (dww)

p.s. shouldn't we move this thread to 
http://groups.drupal.org/voting-systems ?

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