[development] SoC: Multi-site administration through rich XUL client

Ben Francis lists at hippygeek.co.uk
Thu May 4 18:54:16 UTC 2006

Ben Francis wrote:
> Greg Knaddison - GVS wrote:
>> I think most people would prefer
>>installing an extension over installing a whole new application.
> Unless they don't use Firefox in the first place...

I should say that I do agree with you that a Firefox Plugin would  be
preferable for a lot of people. Luckily, because of the way XUL works I
think it would be pretty trivial to turn the application into a
Firefox/Mozilla Plugin or even a hosted application.

I think the effort is being concentrated on a XULRunner application
because it is cross platform and assumes no dependencies on the
administrator's system.


Ben "tola" Francis

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