[development] Move all core modules into their own directories.

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Thu May 4 21:03:00 UTC 2006

Let's not cloud the discussion. We are talking about x.tpl.php files which
is PHP. You can do whatever you want in them with PHP or HTML. Noone
proposes to remove that.

On 5/4/06 3:56 PM, "Larry Garfield" <larry at garfieldtech.com> wrote:

> My concern here is also what about theme functions that make more sense
> written in PHP-with-print style rather than HTML-with-some-PHP style?
> Anything where you have an array that ends up as a table or list, for
> instance, would fall into that category.
> Template files are cool, but let's not get carried away.  They're not the
> answer to every output question.

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