[development] Paving the way for CCK, intentionaly without CCK

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Sat May 6 03:11:07 UTC 2006

I like Gabor's proposal very much.

This simplifies core by eliminating page, blog, and story modules,
and allowing  the user to call  their node anything (article, post, ...etc.)

One thing about CCK scares me, and it  is the  same the reason
that I stayed away from flexinode: scalability. The number of joins
in flexinode can become expensive performance-wise.

In Vancouver in February we had a discussion on this, and there
were two options on  how to store the data for CCK. Haven't checked
the code lately though, so this may have been addressed.

This core feature can stay, even if CCK makes it to core in the future.

+1 for this.

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