[development] hook_foo() vs. nodeapi

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Sun May 7 21:12:06 UTC 2006

On Sunday 07 May 2006 01:33, Adrian Rossouw wrote:
> On 07 May 2006, at 4:14 AM, Jeremy Epstein wrote:
> > All of this 'may' happen - then again, it 'may not'. :-p
> node type modules are dead! long live node types.!

This seems to echo the "why make nodes when you've got flexinode" idea that 
was floated a while back.  The answer then and now being "because sometimes I 
don't want my data's definition and structure in the database, I want it in 
code where I don't have to do everything twice between a beta site and live 

Unless there's going to be some way to resync node field changes from a beta 
site to live site as easily as uploading a new version of a module, let's not 
get rid of "classic" nodes completely.

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