[development] new inactive_user.module maintainer

Dries Knapen dries.knapen at versateladsl.be
Wed May 10 18:28:18 UTC 2006

Inactive_user.module (http://drupal.org/node/10435) had been  
unmaintained since Drupal 4.4 (4.5 and 4.6 branches were never  
created). After communication with, and permission from the original  
author (jeremy at kerneltrap.org), I took over maintainership of this  
small but nice to have module. I committed the 4.7 version of the  
module yesterday.

This message is only to let you know that this module is working and  
maintained again.

FYI: The inactive_user module provides Drupal administrators with a  
way to automatically manage inactive user accounts. This module has  
two goals: to help keep users coming back to a site by reminding them  
when they've been away for a configurable period of time, and to  
cleanup unused accounts.

  Dries Knapen

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