[development] Extend database abstraction layer, to includetablecreation.

moshe weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Fri May 12 19:27:13 UTC 2006

> > Of course. That's why Ber gave function name called fetch_all(). You use it
> > when you need it. I can't understand why someone would start making noise on
> > the list about this. You use it if you need it. That's all.
> Well, except that people who aren't quite familiar with what's going on
> will 
> think that it's easier and use it in the wrong place.

Pople might misuse it is not a justification for omitting code from
core. Building a collection from a db recordset an extremely common
pattern and including this convenience function reduces code and makes
it more readable. Do you think that improper instances of this will get
into core? No chance. It won't get into any of the well reviewed contrib
modules either. So what if people misuse a function in rarely used
contrib module? Thats likely the least of its worries.
  moshe weitzman
  weitzman at tejasa.com

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