[development] Changes in contrib CVS

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Sun May 14 10:21:03 UTC 2006

Hi there!

As you might recall Dries had asked me to be the contrib CVS maintainer 
a while ago. One thing that has caused me a lot of pain and work was 
that every comitter can commit to every project and (even worse) branch 
or tag any project. For example, if somebody goes on a mad tagging 
rampage and tags half of /modules, not only need the tags be undone, but 
also the generated tarballs need to be removed by hand and the cvs 
checkout used on drupal for making them needs to be cleaned, too.

Hence my delight was truly great when Derek Wright told me that this can 
easily be remedied and we wouldn't even need to change to 
$FANCY_OTHER_RCS to have it fixed. Not only did Derek tell me that it 
can be done, he also volunteered to implement it!

Today I have installed the fruits of his labour on drupal.org and I 
think that not only I am  indebted to him, but also the Drupal project 
as a whole since now it can continue to grow safely.

What are the changes?

- The main change is that only the owner of a project can do cvs 
commits, tags and branches for it.

- This owner is defined as the drupal.org user who is listed as the 
author of the corresponding project page.

- This owner can add more maintainers at node/nnn/maintainers where nnn 
is the node ID of the project node.
  see http://drupal.org/node/63634

- The changes affects everything in contrib CVS but the sandbox and 
tricks directories.

- in these two directories you can't branch or tag at all, but currently 
still everybody can commit.

- exempt from the new rules for committing are files ending in .po and 
.pot. This is to allow translators with cvs access to commit 
translations with minimal work from the project owner. They still can't 
branch or tag them.

I expect to work everything as intended, but in case you should 
encounter problems, you can file issues against the drupal.org project 
or cvs project as appropriate.

Thanks Derek!


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