[development] Changes in contrib CVS

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Mon May 15 11:26:39 UTC 2006

On May 15, 2006, at 3:45 AM, Richard Archer wrote:

> Could you please outline the process by which the author of a
> project page can be changed?

this question is mostly independent of the changes we just implemented.

any drupal.org user with "administer nodes" permissions can also add  
users as CVS maintainers to existing projects.  whether or not the  
actual owner of the project node should move really depends on who's  
the primary maintainer of the project, and only matters from the  
perspective of who's most likely to get contacted about a given  
project.  however, they're not necessarily the only ones who can  
commit or tag, nor are they the only ones who can add other CVS  
maintainers if necessary.

-derek (dww)

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