[development] RFC: Candidate 'premium' modules

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Tue May 16 08:58:33 UTC 2006

On 16 May 2006, at 10:49, Adrian Rossouw wrote:
> On 16 May 2006, at 10:02 AM, Dries Buytaert wrote:
>> We've discussed this a dozen times -- like most of the things  
>> we're talking about nowadays.  We'll use "usage patterns" to  
>> determine what the important modules are.  Automatically sorting  
>> modules by popularity is something we're working on.  Clearly,  
>> this will save us a lot of trouble.  ;)

> Didn't we add 'report back' functionality recently.

Exactly.  Any Drupal 4.7 site can be configured to 'call home' and  
report back a list of the enabled themes and modules.  Like that, we  
can see what modules are actually being used (rather than just being  
downloaded).  By combining this information with download statistics,  
we can get a pretty good idea of what (i) the popular modules are and  
(ii) what modules are known to work with Drupal 4.7.  This eliminates  
guessing, and most of all, the endless discussions inherent to that.

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