[development] Verbal Violence: Stand and Deliver

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Tue May 16 18:28:09 UTC 2006

Op dinsdag 16 mei 2006 19:10, schreef Khalid B:
> Both sides of the issue should realize that this is a universal community
> here spanning the globe (no ETs yet though ...)

Yes. Accidents happen. People misunderstand eachother. And cultures, or ideas 
about thing differ. Hell, even ego's differ :P

But when people always comment with "that is the way I am" they are very aware 
of their rudeness. That should have been enough reason to NOT hit the reply 
button half of the times....

One personal tip is, please minimize the window when, or after, you are typing 
such a message. Walk out. Grab a beer. Or go to sleep. Then later on, open 
that mail again, read it through (says me, mr typo... :)) and you will find 
yourself rude, unrealistic, or at least unprofessional. Most often you will 
decide to just delete that message, possibly with red cheeks.

Making Drupals code better every cycle is one thing. We are technicians, it is 
a very natural thing even! Becoming better, as a whole(!) appears to be a 
more difficult task. /We/ can prove that OSS is really also (or maybe really) 
about people. And about working together. Not just about the code, but also 
about the road to that code. (after all, is OSS not Just A Way Of Doing 
Stuff?) In OSS the community is often just as important as the product. Let 
us never forget that. Lets make thing better! (quote from Philips)


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