[development] IRC #drupal re: project not publishing nodes, flexibility

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Wed May 17 23:06:36 UTC 2006

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Derek: seen nedjo?
Druplicon: nedjo was last seen in #drupal-ecommerce 5 days 21 hours  
ago saying 'Thanks, I'll try to get a first draft patch posted  
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Amazon: dww: nedjo's best found via email
Derek: we exchanged some this morning... i was just wondering if he  
was around, that's all. ;)
Derek: thanks for the pointer, though...
Derek: seen osinet?
Druplicon: osinet was last seen in #drupal 1 hours 21 mins ago saying  
'thanks for your help, anyway'.
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malexmedia: hey all... how can my module get a complete list of all  
NIDs that match a given taxonomy classification?
malexmedia: i'm looking at taxonomy_select_nodes at the moment, but  
it is only giving me the top N results
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killes: dww: hi, did you see my recent comment?
Derek: no sorry, where?
Derek: http://drupal.org/node/64100 ?
Druplicon: http://drupal.org/node/64100 => project shouldn't publish/ 
unpublish nodes automatically based on releases
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killes: yeah
killes: merlinofchaos: ping
Derek: why don't we make a new signup administrative page that shows  
pending, unpublished projects?
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Derek: sorry, project admin, that is...
killes: yeah, we could do that
killes: another idea:
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killes: auto-publish projects that have a corresponding entry in cvs.
Derek: well, it seems somewhat silly to try to do fork/duplicate  
filtering on the account requests, but then nothing once they're  
inside the gates. ;)
killes: ie, if people proceed according to your recipe then their new  
projects will be published from the start
killes: why?
killes: nobody really checks new projects now anyway.
killes: no reason to change that.
Derek: i guess the premise is once we trust them enough w/ an account  
in the first place, we trust them to never attempt to start doing  
duplicate work in the future...
killes: I rather unpublish one inappropriate project once a year  
rather than publish five a week
Derek: sure.
killes: makes sense, doesn't it?
Derek: but what good is unpublishing it if project will republish it  
at the next cron run? ;)
killes: also, we should limie creation of projects to people with a  
cvs account.
killes: limit
Derek: *that* seems like the real solution.
killes: well, the cron stuff should go away of course
Derek: then all projects should just be published immediately.
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killes: yes
Derek: i was thinking the same thing...
killes: cool
Derek: i guess we'd just want to make a role for this, which had  
whatever cvs-related perms we wanted, and "create projects" perm
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killes: hmm
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killes: can't the access hook in project check for the cvs account?
Derek: i dunno if we'd want to have cvs.module automatically messing  
with roles.
killes: no roles
Derek: well, we don't really want to have "project" show up as an  
option on "create content", do we?
killes: just if $user->cvs-account
killes: right
killes: so you check the global $user for the cvs info.
killes: maybe to a user_load if neccessary
killes: do
killes: killes sips from his stein.
Derek: a) if we do this, we should make it a project setting to  
enable this behavior -- i still have illusions in the idea of being  
able to use project somewhere *other* than d.o. ;)
killes: heh, I don't :p
killes: you can do a if module_exist(cvs)
Derek: b) i'd have to look at the project code to figure out if what  
you're saying is possible... i suspect it is...
killes: yeah
killes: easily
Derek: yeah, furthermore, i have illusions in the idea that you could  
enable both project and cvs somewhere other than d.o. ;)
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Derek: i'd still make it a setting, not just module_exist(). ;)
killes: function project_project_access($op, $node) {
webchick: killes, say... the vote up/vote down package... is that you  
who keeps marking it as unpublished? and if so, is it because of the  
commercial thing? or is there some bug in project module?
killes: settings suck
killes: webchick: no
killes: webchick: the gremlins do it
webchick: Ah, the gremlins. :)
Derek: webchick: we suspect bugs in project's auto publish/unpublish  
killes: I've no idea why it gets unpublished
webchick: Ok, just making sure I wasn't stepping on any toes by  
publishing it again.
Derek: which is why killes and i are talking about how to completely  
rid project of all such code.
killes: I suspect the regexp in project_cron
webchick: Oh. I should pay attention. :)
Derek: 'tis ok. ;)
killes: webchick:  I did that several times myself
killes: yeah
killes: Kjartan likes the code, but Kjartan shows up once every half  
a year.
webchick: Yeah that makes sense. I just got nervous when I saw your  
name thinking it might've been a licensing conflict or something.
mozillaman: seen Dries_
Druplicon: Dries_ was last seen in #drupal 1 days 3 hours ago saying  
'webchick: pm?'.
killes: webchick: no, I was just trying to help
Derek: killes: why do you think settings suck?
killes: and gave up
killes: dww: it is a general consensus :p
Derek: is that not a good way to keep a module flexible enough to be  
used for different things by different people?
malexmedia: hey all... am looking for a way to get a list of _all_  
nids that match specific tids
mozillaman: seen craq
Druplicon: craq was last seen in #drupal 5 hours 1 mins ago saying  
'dww: that was the same thing for me that i hated about it too'.
killes: dww: well, it you can't do without a setting, go ahead.
killes: dww: but I generally prefer the "do what I think" approach
malexmedia: taxonomy_select_nodes is great, except it seems to be  
only giving me the top N nids
Derek: killes: i refuse to give in to the "project should only run on  
killes: malexmedia: do a join on term_node
killes: or just a select
•: malexmedia looks
Derek: one of the main reasons i'm making so many improvements to it  
is because i want to use it for other things, too.
killes: dww: that's ok.
webchick: seen moshe_home
Druplicon: moshe_home was last seen in #drupal 3 hours 37 mins ago  
saying 'i am not updating groups site with this new og code. thats  
suicidal. views would need to be rebuilt'.
webchick: seen moshe_work
Druplicon: moshe_work was last seen in #drupal 55 days 3 hours ago  
saying 'chx: i would accept it but i am not release manager. i think  
it will be tough'.
Derek: you think it's hard finding people to keep project working and  
getting better already?
killes: dww: I don't really want it to be resteicted to drupal.org
malexmedia: killes: oh, so should I just do the db queries myself?
killes: malexmedia: umm, yes.
Derek: if it's so central to d.o, we should nurture as big a devel  
community as possible...
malexmedia: ie, there's no 'right' way to do it with the drupal api
malexmedia: cool, thanks
Derek: and that means getting other people to use it...
killes: malexmedia: there might be a function in taxonomy.module
Derek: and that means leaving it flexible, without so many  
assumptions about how we need it to work on d.o...
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killes: dww: yeah, ok, stop it. :p
malexmedia: killes: i was looking, and taxonomy_select_nodes seems to  
be the closest candidate
Derek: </soapbox>
Derek: ;)
malexmedia: but it's not 100% perfect :-P
killes: malexmedia: I think that's not really what you want
killes: yeah
Derek: webchick, can i get an amen? ;)
killes: so do you own select nid from term_node where tid = %d
webchick: Wait. amen? what am I amening?
Derek: my rant about project. ;)
Derek: forget it.
webchick: Oh probably. :D
webchick: If I ever get a huge chunk of freetime
webchick: I have a big interest in project module
malexmedia: killes: works for me, thanks
webchick: but...
Derek: i just meant my last 5 messages in here, roughly...
webchick: until then I will do my best to help it get working on d.o, :)
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webchick: And I think making it flexible is a godo thing
webchick: good thing*
webchick: So does that qualify as an amen? :)
Derek: indeed.
Derek: killes, i'll create a project issue about what we were talking  
about and assign it to myself.
Derek: the code will in fact be easy, even with the setting. ;)
Derek: but, i'd want to test it locally a lot, first.
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Derek: so i can't just finish it right now...
killes: dww: no hurry
Derek: ok.
killes: webchick: try casetracker :p
webchick: so i hear. ;)
Derek: *sigh* ;)
killes: at least if you don't need the cvs/tarball integration
Derek: was i just being dense when i tried it, or does case tracker  
not allow you to move "cases" from one project to another?
killes: dww: let me try
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Derek: (yeah, sorry, i don't have a local test site for casetracker  
setup at the moment)
killes: dww: you can edit the case and re-assign
killes: well, I do
killes: :p
killes: non-local
Derek: yeah, i figured.
killes: but testsite
Derek: but there's no way for non-admins to move cases?
killes: not sure
Derek: i.e. you need admin nodes perms?
Steef: seen nedjo
Druplicon: nedjo was last seen in #drupal-ecommerce 5 days 22 hours  
ago saying 'Thanks, I'll try to get a first draft patch posted  
Derek: yeah, that's a serious failing IMHO...
killes: dww: no, you can change that from a comment
Derek: oh, ok, great.
killes: yep, works
Derek: killes, i guess i should just followup to http://drupal.org/ 
node/64100 instead of making a whole new feature request about it. ;)
Druplicon: http://drupal.org/node/64100 => project shouldn't publish/ 
unpublish nodes automatically based on releases
killes: dww: right
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